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Psychoanalytic Perspective on Addictions

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Recommended Books on Substance Abuse and Psychoanalysis


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Lance M. Dodes (2002) The Heart of Addiction(HarperCollins)
The Heart of Addiction: A New Approach...
Book description

Margaret Bean and N. Zinberg.(eds.) (1981) Dynamic Approaches to the understanding and Treatment of Alchoholism
Free Press (Macmillan);
ISBN: 0029021103

Scott Dowling (ed) (1995) The Psychology and Treatment of Addictive Behavior (Monograph Eight of the Workshop Series of the American Psychoanalytic Association,) Int. Univ. Press

Daniel L. Yalisove (Ed.) (1997) Essential Papers on Addiction
New York Univ Press; (Essential Papers in Psychoanalysis series)
ISBN: 0814796729
Review by the author

Louis S. Berger (1991) Substance Abuse As Symptom : A Psychoanalytic Critique of Treatment Approaches and the Cultural Beliefs That Sustain Them Analytic Press; ISBN: 0881631027
Review by the author

Goodman, S. and Levy, S.J. (1997) The Biopsychosocial Model Revisited: A Psychodynamic View of Addiction. Renaissance Institute of Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Florida.

Khantzian, E.J. (1999) Treating Addiction as a Human Process. Northvale, N.J., Jason Aronson Inc.