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The purpose of this discussion board is to allow people to express their feelings and find peer support.
There is no professional intervention, and it is not intended to be psychological treatment or education.
For HotLine help, especially for suicidal feelings, try 1.800.SUICIDE (784.2433). Also dialing 211 can refer you to help in many areas of the US.
HotLine for Eating Disorders is 1.800.931.2237


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Eating Disorders

how i no how u feel!

Posted By: jess, Nottingham England
Date: Thursday, 16 February 2006, at 9:36 a.m.

hi i again like others stumbled across this website by accident. I want to loose only about a stone, however can relate to others comments on this website. I sometimes feel like all my mates eat crap all the time- eg. chocolate, sweets, fish n chips, pizza etc and are all SKINY! thn it pisses me off, but what iv got to remember is everybody is different. i ust to not eat at all for a long period of time when i was 14 ( im 17 now) one i got a new b.friend, and my periods stopped. tht scared me. i have also reguarly made myself sick- the last time i made my self sick was about 3 days ago but i cudnt do it properly and it pissed me off like nothing u hav ever felt before! and you no wot, right now iv got such swollen glands and iv got a throat infection from doing so.....

the most biggest problem i have now is binge eating, but i got thinking when was the first time i started to do this...... thats when i realised i ony started 2 do this when my mum died a year ago.
i think the best way of getting over any eating prblem friends, is if we try to understand the underlying emoptional problems we have....

goodluck and thanks for letting me share my story x

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how i no how u feel!
jess, Nottingham England -- Thursday, 16 February 2006, at 9:36 a.m.

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