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Support Groups for Anxiety Disorders

Emotional Eating Support in SF Bay Area

Posted By: Julie Levin
Date: Saturday, 26 May 2007, at 8:06 a.m.

Hi all,

I have three support programs available for emotional eaters, chronic dieters (and everyone in between!

1. Freedom From Emotional Eating - this is a two hour workshop that explains the roots of emotional eating and chronic dieting (and the yo-yo cycle that most people experience). Students learn how both dieting and overeating are ways to distract from and soothe feelings of distress.

This class is a great intro for those who may be interested my coaching program or group or individual therapy. It's also helpful for family members and health professionals who want to understand the dynamics of over- and under-eating disorders.

2. Freedom from Emotional Eating Support Group - this 12-week program provides both support and education for those who would like to discover and heal the underlying wounds that make them use food and diets to soothe feelings.

The group has three 4-week modules. The first, Food and Feelings, teaches members about Displacement (distracting yourself from feelings by focusing on food, diets or feeling too fat). Group members learn to use mindfulness to tune into physical signs of hunger and fullness. And they use the compulsion to eat or diet as a sign that there is an emotional need to take care of.

The second module, Boundaries and Judgment, looks at the cultural and familial pressure to be thin. Members are supported in developing greater awareness of fat-prejudice in our culture, and how that prejudice becomes internalized as fear of being or becoming fat, hating or feeling disgust toward parts of your body. As this awareness grows, members learn how judgment creates MORE displacement - and how to set effective boundaries against judgment, prejudice and discrimination.

In module three, Heath and Wellbeing, members look at new ways to practice being unconditionally loving and respectful toward themselves. Members are encouraged to pursue optimal health independent of weight loss. And they are supported in creating the lives they really want right now (instead of waiting till they reach a certain weight or size).

3. Coaching - The coaching program follows the same model as the group, but is designed for people who are not able to attend group due to distance or other contraints. Coaching is by email and phone or video-conferencing.

For details on these options visit www.julielevin.com/emotionaleating.htm. There, you'll also find a link to my blog, free articles, and links to helpful resources.

You deserve a joyful life!

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