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Support Groups for Anxiety Disorders

PLEASE help me out

Posted By: robyn
Date: Thursday, 4 September 2008, at 5:57 p.m.

Ok here is the deal. My roommate believes she is an alcoholic. She is 18 years old and this is our freshman year in college. We both are very out going and like to party. She says she has a problem because she claims to "want" a drink so much it drives her crazy. Here is the thing, when we go out, we both drink and get drunk but I have not one time seen her ridiculously drunk. She can drink all night long and hold her alcohol. I thought that someone that has a problem has to drink so much they either pass out or do extremely stupid stuff. Her dad was an alcoholic and she said she went through so much pain with that and now she feels she is turning into her dad and is hurting people. SHE DOES NOT HAVE A PROBLEM! at least that is what I think. Her boyfriend and other guy friend push this on her. She started off thinkin she had a problem and now these other people are naking believe she really does. It is getting ridiculous. We are in college, everyone drinks to get drunk, everyone wants to, its normal. They are making her believe that when she wants a drink it is wrong and that shows how much of a problem she has. I need help in letting her know she doesnt have a problem and if she didnt want to drink, she could. Last night we were out and these guys arre supposedly watching her and helping her control her "problem". They would watch her every move and then when they believed she had had enough they would take her drink then tease her. They would make her hold and drink and say do not drink this, smell this and hold it but you better not drink it. you have a problem and this is how you can control it. Im sittin there watchin thinkin WTF how could you really do this to somebody expecting it to help her. She would get so obsessed with the fact the she COULDNT drink, we would sneak off and go take shots. We would do this several times last night. These guys have gotten gotten into her head and made her think she has a real problem and the way they are handling it is absolutely absurd. I need help in talking to my roommate and make her realize she is ok. We drink because we like it and when she gets around them she feels they worst pressure not to, it turns into all she can think about, therefore causing her to think she has a problem!!! oh my gosh it has gotten to the point where she want listn to me and she only thinks about the negative stuff they say. I mean i really need help so i can help her. If she keeps thinkin this, it might really turn into a very complicated situation. I am trying everything i can to help her realize everything is ok but she is determined.... Please if anyone... ANYONE can give me some advice i would appreciate it so much. this is getting so frustrating because it is all happening in front of me and I cant do anything. PLEASE Please

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