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Dr. Hoffman's Welcome

Dr. Mark Smaller's introductory comments on the twin psychoanalytic values of
truth and empathy

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An early press release explains the intentions for this project.

WELCOME to the Public Forum of the American Psychoanalytic Association:
Creation of a Self: Color and Trauma in the Life of a Child

Despite all the progress of the last 30 years, racism remains an endemic feature of American life. An often tragic example is an unfortunate tendency among professionals to ignore the powerful influence violence and trauma can have on the development of children of color -- traumatic conditions not tolerated in the suburbs tend to be ignored in the inner city.

The Public Forum presented in this web-site attempts to redress that tendency. It provides professionals and concerned lay-people with information necessary to combat the tendency to ignore.
The forum was held December, 1997 at the meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Association