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Psychotherapy Integration Documents

Editor's Note
Tullio Carere-Comes

1. Psychotherapy Integration: An Assimilative, Psychodynamic Approach
Article by George Stricker and Jerold R. Gold

2. Transference, Schema, and Assimilation: The Relevance of Piaget to the Psychoanalytic Theory of Transference
Article by Paul L. Wachtel

3. Psychotherapy Integration: A Postmodern Critique
Article by Stanley Messer and Jeremy Safran

4. One or Many Integrations
(SEPI Email Forum, May 2000)
Edited by Tullio Carere-Comes

5. The Dodo Verdict
(SEPI Email Forum, June 2000)
Edited by Tullio Carere-Comes

6. On "Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy"
(SEPI Email Forum, Nov.-Dec. 2000)
Edited by Paolo Migone

7. On "Containers and Projective Identification"
(SEPI Email Forum, Sep.-Nov. 2000)
Edited by Paolo Migone and Tullio Carere-Comes

8. Dibattito precongressuale
(avvenuto tra il 20 Maggio 2001 e il 17 Febbraio 2002)
Editing a cura di Tullio Carere-Comes

9. The Logic of the Therapeutic Relationship.
A commentary on Lawrence Friedman's "Ferrum, ignis, and medicina: return to the crucible".
Article by Tullio Carere-Comes

10. A Rejoinder by Friedman.
Discussion between Lawrence Friedman and Tullio Carere-Comes

11. On "Psychotherapy Research"
(SEPI Email Forum, March-April 2004)
Edited by Paolo Migone and Tullio Carere-Comes

12. Shamanism and Psychotherapy Integration
(SEPI Pre-Conference Debate, April-June 2004)
Edited by Tullio Carere-Comes

13. Psychotherapy Integration in clinical practice, training and research
(SEPI-Italy Pre-Conference Forum: January - March, 2006)
Edited by Luca Panseri with Tullio Carere-Comes

14. SEPI on Science
(SEPI Email Forum, March-April 2009)
Edited by Tullio Carere-Comes

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