Maimonides was one of the most colorful personalities of the twelfth century.  He was an eminent physician, commentator, philosopher and a rabbi.

He held an important medical appointment in the royal court of Egypt, when he wrote "The Preservation of Youth - Essay on Health" in 1198.

Wine Is Nutritious

It is well known among physicians that the best of the nourishing foods is one of the Moslem religion forbids, i.e., wine.  It contains much good and light nourishment.  It is rapidly digested and helps to digest other foods.  It also removes the superfluities from the pores of the flesh and excretes urine and perspiration.  It has other virtues besides these and is very useful, as the physicians tell us. 

The benefits of wine are many if it is taken in the proper amount, as it keeps the body in a healthy condition and cures many illnesses.  But the knowledge of its consumption is hidden from the masses.  What they want is to get drunk and inebriated which causes harm.  The one who taught that intemperance is useful once a month is in error, because it causes only injury and abrogates the strength of the entire body, particularly of the brain.  The small amount that is useful must be taken after the food leaves the stomach.  Young children should not come close to it because it hurts them and causes harm to their body and soul.  Galen has said: A child should abstain from it till the age of twenty-one.  The older the man is, the more beneficial the wine is for him. Old people need it most.

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