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The purpose of this discussion board is to allow people to express their feelings and find peer support.
There is no professional intervention, and it is not intended to be psychological treatment or education.
For HotLine help, especially for suicidal feelings, try 1.800.SUICIDE (784.2433). Also dialing 211 can refer you to help in many areas of the US.
HotLine for Eating Disorders is 1.800.931.2237


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Eating Disorders

Re: Bulimia and Anerexia

Posted By: sandi
Date: Saturday, 2 September 2006, at 11:32 a.m.

In Response To: Bulimia and Anerexia (AK)

I am 42 and when iwas 16 i started to become anorexic and bulimic, for reasons at the time i was not aware, i hid it for a long time but as my life changed when weight fell to a scary 73 pounds by this time i was married and had a beautiful 3 year old girl, I placed myself in a inpatient program to learn to recover, I learned that food is not the issue for me it was other things in my life i could not control but the one thing i could control was my own body I THOUGHT!!
I needed to work through the issues so i could become a healthy person for my daughter thank god i was even able to have children. Now my 2 kids are in college and i maintain a healthy 114 at 5'2
I love myself for who i am not for anyone else that is what these girls need to realize, you are the only person important to yourself it is the inner person that matters, i know at the age of 12-16 image is all that but i think alot of the eating issues begin with their emotions and life situations at the time and the control of the body image gets out of control.i certainly am no expert but i wish i could help anyone out there that needs to talk to someone who understands, it is a monster of a sickness that takes over before you know it,I never set out to try to kill myself but for some it is a tragedy!!! I am so glad there is more of an awareness and so many options for these young people!! No doubt it is not easy i struggled for a long time, But luckily came to terms with the other issues and my eating disorder resolved!!! I am always consious of what i eat but i enjoy life and food is no longer the enemy!!

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