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Paul E. Lynch, M.D:I can see that you are all ready to jump in. Just a couple of quick things first. I had hoped that I could hold up this sign, and in Barney Frankís inimitable manner read the statement that he has sent to us, but unfortunately it will be impossible for me to imitate Barney Frank. He is in fact, inimitable, but I will read you the statement:


Dear friends, To tell the truth, I am sometimes not entirely displeased when a change in the legislative schedule prevents me from attending an event out of town which I had agreed to months before. I find that my enthusiasm for participation in some speeches, panels, etc., diminishes as the time for actually delivering the remarks approaches, but in this case, I am deeply regretful that I cannot be with you and not simply because of the troubling nature of the issue which keeps me in Washington this morning, impeachment.
"Your work against homophobia has been enormously important and given the effort by the right wing to misuse psychoanalytic arguments to bolster their bigotry, your willingness to speak out in this way is enormously important to the country and to great benefit to the victims of this prejudice. Your willingness to confront and expunge your professionís own past errors in this regard are an important example to the rest of the country. I am deeply grateful to you for your ongoing efforts to combat this terrible prejudice which, while diminished, still blights the lives of so many innocent people and I deeply regret that I was unable to come to thank you in person and to participate in what will obviously be an extraordinarily stimulating discussion and to learn from you.

Barney Frank

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