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Leon Hoffman

Good morning everyone, my name is Leon Hoffman. I am the Chair of the Committee on Public Information of the American Psychoanalytic Association. On behalf of the Association and the American Psychoanalytic Foundation, I really am very honored to welcome you today to participate with us in this public forum on homophobia.
In my nearly thirty years in the field, preparing for this event has been one of my most exciting and profound learning experiences. I am really looking forward to learning more today from the panelists and from the audience during our open discussion.
As of early this morning we were still hopeful that Representative Frank would join us, but as you undoubtedly know, the unfortunate events in Washington require him to be in the Capital. He wanted very much to be here and has sent us a statement which Dr. Lynch, the moderator, will read later in the program.
After our panelists speak, there will be ample time for the discussion following the first speaker from the floor who will be Marvin Peguese, a staff attorney with the Lambda Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the nationís oldest and largest legal organization defending the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, and people with HIV and AIDS.

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