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The American Psychoanalytic Foundation has produced 2 video tapes from the Public Forum of the American Psychoanalytic Association meetings.

These tapes are ideal for teching and can be purchased for a small fee.

Homophobia: Analysis of a "Permissible" Prejudice

This video runs 55 minutes and describes the psychoanalytic understanding of fear of homosexuality in our community.

A full transcript of the panel is also available. The material appears on the related web site

Creation of a Self: Color and Trauma in the Life of a Child

This video is 45 minutes and deals with the experience of growing up in an afro-american community in which violence is a constant presence. It presents the psychoanalytic view on how this shapes the development of the child.

See the web site for information about this video.

For more information on obtaining these tapes, please contact:

American Psychoanalytic Foundation

C/O Nadine Levinson, DDS, Treasurer
30131 Town Center, Ste. 216
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Phonel: 949.495-3332

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