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Standing Committees

The current active committees of MPA are:

This committee is a collaboration between the Manhattan Psychological Association (MPA) and the organization of Future Psychologist (OFP), a NYSPA-sponsored organization of graduate students to support and guide graduate students. The Mentor Program envisions itself as continuum from a one-on-one relationship to contacts around specific questions or issues to co-sponsoring seminars exploring areas of interest to a group of graduate students (i.e., preparing for internships).

This committee is responsible for publishing a newsletter two to three times a year. It includes articles relevant to the profession of psychology, activities going on in the metropolitan area and features the events sponsored by the Manhattan Psychological Association. Members are welcome to contribute articles which may include reviews on books they have written or have read and would like to recommend; they may avail themselves of the opportunity to advertise office space wanted or needed or might list job opportunities. The Newsletter committee is made up of several members Janet Weisberg is the chairperson. Please contact her at 212-410-4391 if you would like to participate in this activity or contribute something to the next issue.

Sponsors a variety of programs of interest to its members. Including planning speakers for board meetings an annual Topical Mid-Winter Brunch, and specialized events such as the December 2, 2001 Post Trauma Support Brunch.

Review policies on membership and the qualifications of prospective new members. (See membership requirements included on this site).

Technology and Communications Committee:
To develop activities to increase communication within membership and to other psychologists in New York City including the development and maintenance of the MPA website.

Student Concerns Committee:
A newly established committee designed to bridge the gap between the university and the practice of psychology as a profession.

MPA is Affiliated With:

New York State Psychological Association
American Psychological Association

2013 MPA
Leadership Board

Term Expiring 2012:
James L. Rebeta, Ph.D.
450 East 63rd Street
Suite 6B
New York, NY 10065

President-Elect 2013
Rochelle Balter, Ph.D., J.D.

Past President 2011
Sharon Brennan, Ph.D.

Past Presidents
Sharon Nathan, Ph.D.
James Lay, Ph.D.
Sheila Kaplan, Ph.D.
Andrew Marker, Ph.D.
Christa Balzert, Ph.D.
June Feder, Ph.D.
Leonard Davidman, Ph.D.
Janet Weisberg, Ph.D.
Steven Glicksman, Psy.D.
Jan Roth Hauptman, Ph.D.
Rochelle Balter, Ph.D., J.D.
Leonard Davidman, Ph.D.
James Rebeta, Ph.D.

Richard Wexler, Ph.D.

Harold Takooshian, Ph.D.

Rep. to NYSPA Council
Leonard Davidman, Ph.D.

Terms Expiring 2012:
Sharon Kahn, Ph.D.
Sheila Kaplan, Ph.D.
Ellen Klausner, Ph.D.

Terms Expiring 2013:
Harriette Kaley, Ph.D.
Barbara Lewis, Ph.D.
Artemis Pipinelli, Ph.D.

Terms Expiring 2014:
Deborah Lazarus, Ph.D.
Suzanne Roff-Wexler, Ph.D.
Henry Solomon, Ph.D.

Web Designer
Carol Lindemann, Ph.D.

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