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Spring 2012: "Managing the Challenges of Patients and CarePartners"
Presenters: Dr. Richard Wexler, Dr. Suzanne Roff-Wexler, Dr. Rochelle Balter and Dr. Herbert Gingold

Fall 2011: "Managing Collapse - Facilitating the Emergence of Meanings After 9/11"
Presenters: Billie Pivnick, PhD, K. Mark Sossin, PhD, Jeffrey A. Jay, PhD Discussants: Chris Courtois, PhD, Maria R. Volpe, PhD, Chair: Sharon Brennan, PhD, President, Manhattan Psychological Assn.

Spring 2011: "What's Possible with the Impossible Couple" Workshop on Marriage and Couple Therapy given by Michael D, Zentman, PhD

Autumn 2009: Film Program with discussion. See Flyer

Summer 2009: "The WAIS-IV and WMS-IV: Administration and Clinical Interpretation" given Dr. Peter C. Entwistle

Summer 2008: "Hypnotherapy: Simplified and Demystified" given by Dr. William L. Golden

Winter 2007: "Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Chronic Worriers" given by Dr. Robert L. Leahy

Autumn 2006: "Relating at Home, Relating with Society: Current Issues in Psychotherapy with Lesbian and Gay Male Clients" given by Dr. Douglas C. Haldeman

Winter 2006: “Diagnosis of and Psychotherapy for Dissociative Identity Disorders” given by Dr. Elizabeth F. Howell

Winter 2004/2005: “The WISC-IV: Administration and Clinical Interpretation” given by Dr. David Shmerler

Winter 2003: “Enhancing Your Practice Through Referral Making” given by Dr. Jerry Cahn

Spring 2003: “Managing Addictions” given by Dr. Michler Bishop

Winter 2002: “Diagnostic and Treatment Issues in Bipolar Disorder” given by Dr. Ava Albrecht

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2013 MPA
Leadership Board

Term Expiring 2012:
James L. Rebeta, Ph.D.
450 East 63rd Street
Suite 6B
New York, NY 10065

President-Elect 2013
Rochelle Balter, Ph.D., J.D.

Past President 2011
Sharon Brennan, Ph.D.

Past Presidents
Sharon Nathan, Ph.D.
James Lay, Ph.D.
Sheila Kaplan, Ph.D.
Andrew Marker, Ph.D.
Christa Balzert, Ph.D.
June Feder, Ph.D.
Leonard Davidman, Ph.D.
Janet Weisberg, Ph.D.
Steven Glicksman, Psy.D.
Jan Roth Hauptman, Ph.D.
Rochelle Balter, Ph.D., J.D.
Leonard Davidman, Ph.D.
James Rebeta, Ph.D.

Richard Wexler, Ph.D.

Harold Takooshian, Ph.D.

Rep. to NYSPA Council
Leonard Davidman, Ph.D.

Terms Expiring 2012:
Sharon Kahn, Ph.D.
Sheila Kaplan, Ph.D.
Ellen Klausner, Ph.D.

Terms Expiring 2013:
Harriette Kaley, Ph.D.
Barbara Lewis, Ph.D.
Artemis Pipinelli, Ph.D.

Terms Expiring 2014:
Deborah Lazarus, Ph.D.
Suzanne Roff-Wexler, Ph.D.
Henry Solomon, Ph.D.

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